TRNAVA 2026 Preparatory Team

core project member

Peter Cagala

Peter Cagala

Project manager

The connoisseur of the Trnava cultural space. He has been managing the Culture Department in Trnava for 8 years. Thanks to than, people have embraced and enjoyed the culture on the streets of Trnava. He brought to Trnava the popular Summer on the Main street, the romantic Cinema under the Stars, the spontaneous PromaFrajdej, the fragrant Trnava picnic, the crazy Garden party and the Painting of the Trnava Hashtag. As the head of the Trnava 2026 candidacy project, he manages and interconnects all processes within the city, local authorities and partnerships in the private sector.

He is at the forefront of all decisions.

Michal Klembara

Michal Klembara

Project program coordinator

The most productive event manager around. Michal manages the independent cultural center Little Berlin, which annually organizes more than 300 multi-genre events, mostly from his own production. In the team Trnava 2026, he manages all program elements. He is the main playwrite of the bidbook and within the project, he also deals with international cooperation with cities that have already obtained the ECOC title. Michal was also in the Košice team, which became the European Capital of Culture 2013, so he has valuable experience for the project.

Peter Kadlic

Peter Kadlic

Project manager for the Trnava self-governing region

He has the geographically widest area in his scope. He heads culture and sports in the entire Trnava self-governing region, so he has an excellent overview of culturally vibrant villages, architecturally interesting places and he knows how to meaningfully involve county institutions and gain regional partners. We want to present to Europe not only Trnava, but the whole region, which smells of grapes, young wine, sweet honey, and which culturally, never sleeps.


Zuzana Hekel

Preparation of the cultural strategy of the city of Trnava

Tomáš Guniš

Architecture and land use planning

Miroslava Hlinčíková

Community manager

Kamil Žiška

Cooperation on a candidate project

Dušan Vančo

Project marketing strategy

Jana Pekárková

Marketing and project communication

Ján Baláž

Visual communication of the bidbook

Zora Jaurová

Preparation of the cultural strategy of the city of Trnava

Maroš Morvajov

Visual communication

Program Board

Vladimír Beskid

director of the Ján Koniark Gallery

Juraj Bielik

Deputy Director of the Ján Palárik Theater

Pavol Tomašovič

Director of the Juraj Fándly Library

Andrej Halada

Chairman of the Trnava Music Society association

Stanislav Šurín

Bach Society

Martina Bocánová

director of the West Slovak Museum

Matúš Hlinčík

director of the non-profit organization Bronco

Dagmar Bednáriková

Yarmat Theater

Soňa Jakubove

Little Berlin

Ján Novák

Culture section, city of Trnava


City of Trnava
City of Trnava
Trnava self-governing region
Trnava self-governing region
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Little Berlin